High Net Worth

Work Hard and Prosper

It took a tremendous level of dedication and support to get to where you are today.

It takes that same level of dedication and support to preserve and grow your wealth so it will be there to help you fulfill your life’s goals. So, tell us, what is your story? What is the story of your family? We work hard to get to know our clients and to build trusting relationships. The more we know and understand about you and your goals, the better positioned we are to meet your needs.

Since 1978, Gries Financial has been working with our clients to help them attain their financial objectives. The firm was founded by Sally Gries on the premise that individuals could best improve their financial standing through a combination of wealth management and investment management disciplines.

What are your life’s ambitions?

How far will you travel? What legacy will you leave behind? Gries Financial can help you get there with peace of mind and the well-earned financial security to enjoy your journey. Your portfolio is like a fingerprint; yours is completely unique to you and should be tailored to your life and your ambitions. With Gries Financial, our process is customized to each individual client to best meet their needs. We will work with you and where relevant, your advisors (attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and others) to create a roadmap that is attainable and understandable.

Preserve and Grow

Your parents were right, it doesn’t grow on trees.

Wealth grows from a lifetime of hard work and often from generations of wise stewardship and thoughtful investments. With all the history and work that has gone into the creation of individual or family wealth, preserving it is paramount to your wealth management strategy. It is no accident that the Gries Financial philosophy begins with “Preserve”.

Our focus is high net worth families.

We understand the complexities of significant wealth. We know that decisions need to be made and we can guide our clients through it all with personal attention and personalized solutions. Our relationships are based on trust, transparency, and clarity. You will never wonder about the quality of our strategies or our people.

Grow your wealth in times of economic strength and limit the negative impact of market downturns.

Whatever your wealth management and investment objectives may be, our management team can help you achieve financial security through the right balance of risk tolerance and investment return. We share your objective of optimizing your wealth and we can help you achieve your goals through:

  • Thoughtful asset allocation to drive returns and mitigate volatility.
  • An ‘open architecture’ platform of leading, often difficult to access, investment strategies.
  • The use of alternative investment strategies provides idiosyncratic risk-return characteristics with low correlation to the broader markets.
  • A fee-based approach with no conflicts of interest or any types of commissions.

Peace of Mind

While comprehensive investment and wealth management is a foundation, to bring true peace of mind we continuously monitor your financial picture, providing best in class, customized performance, and portfolio reporting. As part of this process, we have a team approach that enables you to talk to multiple people within our firm at any point that are well versed in your specific situation. We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of responsiveness and service, going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

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